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Ashland County – Ashland
Emily Alice Goldsmith (Illman) 3rd Class b. 26-Aug-1880 d. 22-Sep-1955
Ashland Cemetery – Section 5, Lot 417, Grave 1
Frank John William Goldsmith 3rd Class b. 19-Dec-1902 d. 27-Jan-1982
Ashland Cemetery – Section 5, Lot 417 – Cenotaph
Ashtabula County – Ashtabula
Anna Sophia Turja (Lundi) 3rd Class b. 20-Jun-1893 d. 20-Dec-1982
Edgewood Cemetery – Section 10, Lot 9, Grave 7
Cuyahoga County – Bedford
Mary Davison (Godwin) 3rd Class b. 19-Feb-1878 d. 26-Mar-1939
Bedford Cemetery – Section 9, Lot 187, Grave 2
Gallia County – Gallipolis
Albert A. Stewart 1st Class b. 17-Mar-1848 d. 15-Apr-1912
Mound Hill Cemetery – Cenotaph
Hamilton County – Cincinnati
Martha Evelyn Stone 1st Class b. 19-Feb-1878 d. 26-Mar-1939
Spring Grove Cemetery – Section 56, Lot 1, Grave 5
Lucas County – Toledo
William H. Harbeck 2nd Class b. about 1865 d. 15-Apr-1912
Woodlawn Cemetery – Section 39, Lot 114, Grave 2
Mahoning County – Youngstown
Caroline Bonnell (Jones) 1st Class b. 03-Apr-1882 d. 13-Mar-1950
Oak Hill Cemetery – Lot 52, NW Corner
George Dennick Wick 1st Class b. 24-Jun-1854 d. 15-Apr-1912
Oak Hill Cemetery – Lot 748 – Cenotaph
Mary Wick 1st Class b. 12-Oct-1866 d. 30-Jan-1920
Oak Hill Cemetery – Lot 748
Montgomery County – Dayton
Philip Zenni 3rd Class b. 24-Oct-1890 d. 04-Dec-1927
Calvary Cemetery – Section 10, Block J, Lot 14, Grave 11
Summit County – Akron
Elizabeth Hocking 2nd Class b. 12-Apr-1858 d. 15-Apr-1914
Glendale Cemetery – Section E, Lot 3, Grave 22
Ellen Wilkes 3rd Class b. 13-Jun-1864 d. 27-Apr-1955
Glendale Cemetery – Section 27 Addition, Grave 64
Addie Wells 2nd Class b. 17-Jan-1883 d. 28-May-1954
Mount Peace Cemetery – Section 20, Lot 147, Grave 3
Joan Wells 2nd Class b. 26-Feb-1908 d. 10-Jul-1933
Mount Peace Cemetery – Section 20, Lot 147, Grave 2
Ralph Lester Wells 2nd Class b. 15-Dec-1909 d. 27-Sep-1972
Mount Peace Cemetery – Section 20, Lot 147, Grave 7
Trumbull County – Warren
Elin Hakkarainen (Nummi) 3rd Class b. 20-Mar-1888 d. 02-Jan-1957
Oakwood Cemetery – Section 7
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