Anna Sophia Turja (Lundi)
3rd Class
b. June 20, 1893
d. December 20, 1982
Section 10, Lot 9, Grave 7
Lat: 41° 52’ 15”N, Lon: 80° 46’ 31”W
Eighteen year old Anna Turja boarded Titanic as a third class passenger in Southampton with hopes of securing a job in Ashtabula, Ohio. After the ship struck ice Anna and her party had to struggle to reach the boat deck, still unaware of exactly what had happened. Anna got into lifeboat fifteen, which remained very near the Titanic as it sank. She was so close to the ship, in fact, that she could hear the screams and cries of passengers as the ship went down, a memory that stayed with her for the rest of her life.
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Edgewood Cemetery entrance Lundi family plot at Edgewood
Location of Edgewood Cemetery
4011 State Road, Ashtabula, OH 44004
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Edgewood Cemetery Maps and Documentation
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