Addie Wells
2nd Class
b. January 17, 1883
d. May 28, 1954
Section E, Lot 3, Grave 22
Lat: 41° 05’ 04”N, Lon: 81° 31’ 48”W
Joan Wells
2nd Class
b. February 26, 1908
d. July 10, 1933
Section 27 Addition, Grave 64
Lat: 41° 05’ 04”N, Lon: 81° 31’ 49”W
Ralph Lester Wells
2nd Class
b. December 15, 1909
d. September 27, 1972
Section E, Lot 3, Grave 22
Lat: 41° 05’ 04”N, Lon: 81° 31’ 48”W
Addie Wells boarded the Titanic with her two young children, Joan and Ralph, in Southampton. They were bound for Akron, Ohio, to join her husband, Arthur Henry Wells, who had come ahead of them to set up their new home. After the ship hit the iceberg, Addie gathered her children and headed for the boat deck. Once there they were all loaded onto lifeboat number fourteen, which was so crowded that Addie could not even sit down. After arriving in New York, Addie and the children were met by her husband and her brother, who had travelled all the way from Akron to meet them.
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Mount Peace Cemetery entrance
Location of Mount Peace Cemetery
183 Aqueduct Street, Akron, OH 44303
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