The Great Lakes Titanic Society is an informal association of Titanic enthusiasts which got its start in the Great Lakes region. We are not a society in the usual sense – we have no officers or dues – instead, we are a group of friends who share a common interest in Titanic, her sisters Olympic and Britannic, and the White Star Line. While Titanic is our passion, we also share a common interest in maritime history, including that of our own Great Lakes region. Our intent for this web site is to provide information about the Titanic and other ships, to explore and highlight the maritime connections of our region, and to offer a forum for our members to present their personal research.

Our group has its roots in the 1999 “Titanic: Personal Stories” conference, a TIS regional event held at The Old Tavern in Unionville, Ohio. Many of those who organized or attended that event formed the initial group which has become GLTS. In 2002, we hosted our own “Titanic: From Sinking to Salvage” conference at the U.S. Coast Guard Club and Great Lakes Science Center in Cleveland, Ohio. Proceeds from both conferences were earmarked for Titanic memorial projects.

While GLTS does not meet formally, we do get together from time to time to “talk Titanic” or experience a Titanic-related event in the company of our friends. A gathering of the society may be a simple get together for lunch or dinner, a road trip to view a Titanic artifact exhibit, or a roundtable discussion of technical matters. Our group outings have also included the Titanic musical, Cameron’s “Titanic” and “Ghosts of the Abyss” films, and several local Gaelic Storm concerts.

If you are interested in Titanic, her sisters, the White Star Line, or Great Lakes maritime history, then consider yourself a “member” of the Great Lakes Titanic Society.

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