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Orlando, Florida
January, February 2009
On three Saturdays in early 2009, GLTS member V. C. King visited the newly reopened
Titanic – The Experience to sign her novel, Titanic: Relative Fate.
Titanic – The Experience, Orlando, Florida Period actors Lady Duff Gordon
and Carlo true to their parts
Thomas Andrews ready for the next wonderful tour of Titanic – The Experience
The imposing Grand Staircase,
King, and Henry Molson
Honour and Glory Crowning Time
Branson, Missouri
December 31, 2008
On New Year’s Eve, Titanic: The World’s Largest Museum Attraction, hosted a book signing
for GLTS member V. C. King’s novel, Titanic: Relative Fate, in their gift shop.
Titanic–The World’s Largest Museum Attraction, Branson, Missouri Danita (General Manager), Victoria and Maggie (Retail Manager) under replica of Titanic’s huge propeller Danita & Maggie assure Victoria that Titanic’s propeller is “Unfallable”
Victoria greeting guests as they
exit from the Grand Staircase
The breathtaking Grand Staircase
in the background
Titanic under full steam in Branson
More information about V. C. King and Titanic: Relative Fate can be found on the author’s website.

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