Sunday, August 21, 2011
Morning showers gave way to blue skies and a beautiful sunny afternoon to share with
friends at the beach. Hallelujah! Thanks to everyone who attended our sixth annual picnic.
We hope to see all of you next August for Titanic’s Centennial Celebration!
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Back Row (L to R): Adam, Laura, John, Helen, Dave, Bobbie,
Denise, John, Steve, Bob, Jim, Craig, Paul, and Ruth
Front Row (L to R): Barb, Jane, Jack, Mary Ann, and Charlie
The group unloads and sets up for a day at the beach John and Dave finally get to
the root of the problem
A beautiful day and an ideal location for a picnic Bob tries out his Fonzie impersonation
Charlie, Mary Ann, and Jane Jim, Jack, and Denise John and Paul scan the
horizon for icebergs
Steve and Bob swap fish stories Steve and Jim relax before lunch Everyone’s ready to eat
Mary Ann, John, Dave, and Bobbie light the grills and start cooking
Time to eat! Jack and Charlie find a shady
spot to enjoy their lunch
Helen scolds Bob for not
cleaning his plate

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